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OpenPlay and Netsprocket


OpenPlay is a cross-platform network abstraction layer designed to simplify the task of creating programs which communicate across multiple computers.

While originally designed for multiplayer games, it is useful for any developer who wants an easy, platform-independent way to send messages to programs running on other machines. It completely abstracts both OpenTransport and Winsock, and its plug-in architecture makes it easy for you to support new transport protocols.

OpenPlay contains the functionality of the NetSprocket, providing comprehensive support including user interface elements for managing multiple players on a network. With the integration of NetSprocket into OpenPlay, the old NetSprocket code is no longer needed, although an archive is available.

Progress reports and other news are kept here.

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Open Source

License: APSL
Mailing list: OpenPlay-Development - Software development discussion for OpenPlay and NetSprockets.
Report Bugs: File a bug in OpenDarwin's Bugzilla database under the OpenPlay product.
Source Code:

Downloading these components requires APSL registration.

Note: NetSprocket is now part of the OpenPlay package.

CVS: Source code for OpenPlay is available from SourceForge.
Binary Releases:

Downloading these components requires APSL registration.

Archived Releases:

Downloading these components requires APSL registration.

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