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WWDC 2004. Developers Unite.
Mac OS X features a highly optimized and fully modern implementation of OpenGL. OpenGL is the industry standard for high performance 2D and 3D graphics, and is the primary gateway to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). OpenGL is specifically designed to support the rich graphics needs of scientific visualization, medical imaging, CAD/CAM, and entertainment software. OpenGL
News and Updates
WWDC 2004 Conference Session Descriptions Now Available
In the Graphics and Media track, attendees will discover how to add graphics, audio and music capabilities to applications and learn about printing technologies to help achieve the highest quality output from applications and printer hardware. [Mar 29 2004]
Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards
Apple is accepting submissions for the Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards, which recognize excellence in Application Software, QuickTime Content, and new for 2004 -- Performance Demos. [Mar 29 2004]
ADC Reference Library
The new ADC Reference Library is a key developer support tool. It integrates the core ADC technical resources — Documentation, Technical Notes, Sample Code, Release Notes, and Technical Q&As — and adds a highly functional interface that supports filtering, sorting, and browsing. Learn more about how to use it. [Mar 17 2004]
Getting Started with Graphics & Imaging
This new document provides a guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X graphics and imaging. [Mar 17 2004]
OpenGL Tools for Serious Graphics Development
Apple's best-of-breed OpenGL tools help developers locate, analyze and debug graphics bottlenecks, making the Macintosh a uniquely powerful platform for OpenGL development. [Feb 02 2004]
Technical Resources
Mac OS X version 10.3 OpenGL
"Panther" brings significant OpenGL optimizations, new features and improvements in theOpenGL Profiler and OpenGL Shader Builder development tools. Developers should check out details on our newest features, optimizations, tools, and support for the latest display cards.

Mac OS X OpenGL Development Resources
Everything you need to develop with OpenGL on Mac OS X is provided with the OS on the Developer Tools. Look at the developer examples to find sample projects which show how to use the OpenGL Framework.

Check here for our extensions guide, sample code and up to the minute documentation. Join the OpenGL mailing list for latest tips or drop an e-mail to OpenGL Feedback with additional comments.

OpenGL Architecture Review Board Website
The official website for the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, an independent consortium that guides the OpenGL specification. OpenGL is the only truly open, vendor-neutral, multi-platform graphics standard with broad industry support.
OpenGL Feedback
Send us feedback on our OpenGL implementation. Please let us know what features are important for your application.
Mac OS X System Architecture
See how OpenGL relates to other technologies in the Mac OS X System Architecture diagram.

Getting Started with Apple Technologies
For those new to creating software for the Macintosh, this page provides directions to Apple's support services, documentation, tutorials, examples, tools, and business services.
Mac OS Mailing Lists
Mailing lists run by Apple and others. Includes Mac-OpenGL which covers OpenGL development on the Macintosh.
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