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Performance & Debugging

The performance of Mac OS X applications can be measured, evaluated, and optimized using Apple's developer tools, technologies, and programming interfaces. Developers can fine-tune their applications for high performance using tools such as the Sampler code-profiling application, features such as multiprocessing, and APIs such as those for the vDSP library. Read more...

Performance & Debugging Articles

Optimizing Your Application with System Trace in Shark 4

With Shark's System Trace, you get a detailed view of how your code interacts with Mac OS X. This advanced article digs deep into the power of Shark and how it can help you optimize your code.

Test Driving Your Code with OCUnit

Add unit tests to your development cycle and improve the quality of your application and refine your design through tangible feedback. Read this article to learn how to test drive your code with OCUnit.

Optimizing Your Application with Shark 4

The newest version of Shark includes powerful new features such as data mining and Java support. Learn how using Shark 4 can help you dramatically improve performance in your application.

OpenGL Profiler

OpenGL Profiler is the Apple's best of class tool to assist developers in debugging and optimizing their OpenGL usage. Profiler now has support for attaching to running processes, the ability to dynamically override OpenGL functions using scripts, and browse textures and programs. Other powerful features include breakpoints and execution controls, OpenGL state and call stack analysis and collection of real time driver statistics.

Optimizing with Shark: Big Payoff, Small Effort

Spend a few hours with the Shark performance tool to realize significant performance improvements in your application. This article guides you through the sampling of a real application with Shark and shows where and how to optimize it quickly.

Maximizing Mac OS X Application Performance

This article is about performance — how to think about it, how to measure it, and how to improve it. Of course, performance is a complex subject, and Apple has a robust set of performance documentation available. This article supplements that documentation by giving you a framework for thinking about performance, as well as performance tips that you can use immediately.

Optimizing for the Power Mac G5

The world's fastest personal computer is coming to a desktop near you. Learn how to optimize your application for the new architecture introduced with the Power Mac G5.