Hackintosh and System Profiler Mods.

One of the most annoying things about running a Hackintosh, is the fact that if you have some slightly offbeat hardware you can end up with information that is not shown correctly in System profiler. However, as long as something is shown in System Profiler, it is possible to remedy the situation. See below for a view of what can be achieved.


Basically, it is a case of what profiler shows - what you actually want profiler to show!

Navigate your way to :


You will notice that every part of system profiler has a folder. We are going to concenteate on SPPlatformReporter.spreporter, which is the opening page when you open System Profiler. Double click SPPlatformReporter.spreporter/Contents/Resorces/English.Iproj (depending on the language your machine uses). You will be presented with a item called "Localizable.strings".

Drag a copy to your Desktop. Right click this on your desktop and open with "Text edit" in tour Applications folder.


You will be presented with information as above. If your system profiler reports your machine as ACPI.

Type in next to "Machine model"


Don't forget the semi-colon at the end otherwise system profiler will go screwy!

Try just this first, then as you get the hang of it, you can customise other parts in the same way.

Replace the modded text back into the same place you dragged it from, you will have to authenticate. You may have to send the original localizable.strings to the trash first

You must then repair permissions to your disc and if system profiler was open, close it then reopen it. You should see the information you want.


The information at the top of this page was created by editing the above information, you can see that the info is directly input from this file.

One thing to note is that I have not worked out a way yet how to put in information that system profiler cannot see, like say the serial number or sales order number.

At the bottom of this information, add the following info for the machine model if your machine is reported as ACPI.


If you have some other info that does not display and says "no information found"

you can edit this as in Audio (Built in).

Navigate to "SPAudioReporter.spreporter" /Contents/Resorces/English.Iproj

Then here where it says "No information found" replace with the info you want to display, once again do not forget to back up your original file & repair permissions as before.


Thanks go to Ritalin who found how some of the original editing worked.

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