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Rainbow Blocks Released

Published at 11:19pm on 16 Feb 2010

Rainbow Blocks, our first iPhone game, now available to buy from the App Store.

Charcoal Design would like to announce the release of Rainbow Blocks, a puzzle/arcade game for the iPhone.

Rainbow Blocks isn't just a game, it's an experiment. We built it using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), which means it can run on just about any phone or computer with a web browser.

That doesn't mean that the gameplay experience is compromised; Rainbow Blocks looks and feels just like a real iPhone game. You can buy it now for $0.99 from the App Store and see for yourself.

We're working on optimising Rainbow Blocks for the best possible experience on multiple different devices, but right now it's best played on the web using a PC or Mac, or on the iPhone or iPod Touch by downloading it from the App Store.

We've also released the source code for both the iPhone and upcoming Android version so that others can create their own games using the same technology.