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To download a trial version of PicTiles click the download icon below. The trial version allows you to play the first five levels. If you want to play the rest you will need to register the game.


Registration is quick and easy, and can be done from within the game itself, provided you have a credit card and an active internet connection. The cost of registration is $14.99 (plus sales tax where applicable).

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About Pictiles

PicTiles is a new take on the Tetris genre. If you’re tired of building endless walls, why not try something a bit more adventurous?

In PicTiles the goal is to use everyones favourite falling blocks to fill in pictures. The more of the picture you fill in - the higher your score.

But watch out, if you run out of blocks before you’ve filled in enough of the picture then it’s game over!

PicTiles is based on an original idea by Angela Kelly. It was programmed by Nick Lockwood and is published by Charcoal Design. The game is written using REALbasic, and features OpenGL graphics for smooth gameplay and cool 3D effects.

System Requirements

Pictiles requires a modern Macintosh™ computer (500Mhz or better is recommended) running Mac OS X 10.2 or later, and a 3D graphics card with at least 8MB of video memory.


Here are some screenshots of the game in action. Click thumbnails to view larger image.

PicTiles title screen PicTiles 'Bomb' level PicTiles 'Apple' level PicTiles high scores