About our Software

Charcoal design specialises in both web-based applications and services (either client or server side) and in desktop software development.

This section of the site is dedicated to desktop software applications. For web-based software solutions, head over to the Web Design section of the site.

Games and Applications

Rainbow Blocks icon

Rainbow Blocks

Rainbow Blocks is a fun arcade/puzzle game for the iPhone in the style of JT's blocks or SameGame.

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Pandora's Pests icon

Pandora's Pests

Pandora's Pests is a fast-paced arcade game for Mac OS and Windows.

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MagiCal icon

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MagiCal is a menu-based calendar and clock replacement, with a tear-off calendar window.

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PicTiles icon


PicTiles is an addictive, Tetris-like game, where the aim is to fill in pictures with blocks as they fall.

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Pipette icon

Get Pipette for Free!

Pipette is a handy utility for sampling colours from any application.

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Shades icon

Get Shades for Free!

Shades is a utility for adjusting your monitor brightness with high precision.

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Subscriber icon


Subscriber is a utility for monitoring specific updates to your favourite web sites by specifying rules.

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If you need help with one of our products, or you lost your serial number, or have any other queries, please visit the Support section

Open Source Software

Check out our new open source software

We are now offering a number of code libaries and examples for the REALbasic development environment as FREE downloads on this site.

We have also included several key technologies that help to driveour desktop software applications.

View our open source software

Commercial Software

Charcoal Design writes games and utilities, primarily for the Macintosh platform.

Our commercial software is distributed via the Shareware distribution model. This means that all software is available for free download in a restricted or time-limited form.

Software can be purchased instantly from within the application using secure online credit-card processing.

Our Philosophy

At Charcoal Design we are passionate about providing a good user experience. Too many software developers turn to crippling anti-piracy measures in order to force people to use their software the way the developers want. More often than not this ends up inconveniencing the legitimate users more than the pirates.

We take a different approach. We know that it is only natural to want to use software that you've paid for on all of your machines without buying multiple copies. And we know that you'll want to share it with your friends and family, even if it's just so they can decide if they want to buy their own copy.

Rather than treat you like a criminal because you want to use software you paid for in the way you choose, we've created a terms of use policy that we feel is flexible and fair to you, the customer.

We also believe you should be able to make informed, decisions about your software purchases, which is why all of our commercial software is available for download on a try-before-you-buy basis.