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These files are for use with the Apple Cocoa APIs. They should work with both Mac and iPhone/Pod/Pad unless otherwise stated.


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These are code libraries of useful functions and functionality to extend Cocoa. They are mostly documented and tested on Xcode 4. We do not officially support them, but if you have any issues then contact us or submit a bug report and we'll do our best to help.

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AsyncImageView is a simple extension of UIImageView for loading and displaying images asynchronously on iOS so that they do not lock up the UI.

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BaseModel provides a base class for building model objects for your iOS or Mac OS projects. It saves you the hassle of writing boilerplate code, and encourages good practices by reducing the incentive to cut corners in your model implementation.

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A useful category extending UIColor with additional functionality including direct access to color components and creating colors from hex values.

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CountryPicker is a custom UIPickerView subclass that provides an iOS control allowing a user to select a country from a list. It can optionally display a flag next to each country name, and the library includes a set of 249 high-quality, public domain flag images from FAMFAMFAM that have been painstakingly re-named by country code to work with the library.

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Simple, drop-in replacement for the iPhone UIPageControl that allows customisation of the dot colour, size and spacing.

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FXLabel improves upon the standard UILabel by providing a subclass that supports soft shadows, inner shadow and gradient fill, and which can easily be used in place of any standard UILabel.

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Simple class collection for creating an OpenGL view on iOS and loading and displaying images in a variety of formats, including compressed and uncompressed PVRTC.

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Enhanced versions of the standard Cocoa NSDictionary class that preserve insertion order.

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A UIView subclass designed to make it easy to create "mirrored floor"-style reflections of views on iOS.

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RequestQueue is a simple class for managing multiple concurrent asynchronous URL requests in your applications.

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Simple sound and music player class for playing audio on Mac and iPhone. Ideal for use in games and applications with basic sound playback requirements.

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StandardPaths is a category on NSFileManager for simple, consistent access to standard application directories on iOS and Mac OS and abstraction of excluding certain files from iCloud backup on iOS.

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A simple way to parse and generate XML on iOS and Mac OS. Converts an XML file to an NSDictionary which can then be easily traversed using the standard Cocoa keyPath mechanism. Can also output the contents of any dictionary as XML.

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iCarousel is a class designed to simplify the implementation of various types of carousel on iPhone and iPad. iCarousel implements a number of common effects such as cylindrical, flat and "CoverFlow" style carousels.

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Lightweight in-app console class for logging and debugging iPhone apps. Easy to integrate. Provides automatic crash logs and a command line interface for tweaking application parameters. This class is for use on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad only.

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Library for displaying remotely administered notifications within a Mac or iPhone app. Similar to Apple's push notifications, but more lightweight and only displayed at app launch time. Perfect for cross-promoting apps or pointing out non-obvious features.

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A handy class that prompts users of your iPhone or Mac App Store app to rate your application after using it for a while. Similar to Appirater, but with a simpler, cleaner interface and automatic support for iOS fast application switching.

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Library for dynamically checking for updates to Mac/iPhone App Store apps from within the application and notifying users about the new release. Can also notify users about new features in the app the first time they launch after an upgrade.

Example Projects

These are a collection of games, technology demos and experiments using Cocoa. They are mostly undocumented and in various stages of completenes, however they have all been tested to compile and work correctly in Xcode 3.2.5.

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Rainbow Blocks

Rainbow Blocks is a block-sliding puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Rainbow Blocks is built using web-based technology (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) wrapped in a native Cocoa application shell. This allows it to be played in an ordinary web browser and easily ported to a variety of platforms.


If you find our open source offerings useful, please support us by making a small donation. Your funding will help to ensure continued development of these tools.