Apple Developer Connection News • September 15, 2006 • Issue 469

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ADC Articles
Enabling Accessibility in Your Cocoa Application

Support for assistive technologies enhances your application, and Cocoa does much of the work for you. Learn how to implement accessibility support right away.

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Reference Library
Technical Q&A:Disabling and Enabling an NSTextView
Technical Q&A: How to Observe All NSNotifications
Guide: Introduction to Speech Synthesis Programming Guide
Guide: iMac Developer Note (Combo drive)
Guide: iMac Developer Note (SuperDrive)
Technical Q&A: Programmatically Performing an Open Directory Search

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In the Community

O'Reilly Publishes Guide for Mac OS X Tiger Server Administration
Mac OS X Tiger Server Administration by Michael Bartosh, provides system administrators with an overview of Mac OS X Server features and highlights the differences between Mac OS X and other server platforms. This updated edition includes new chapters on iChat server, Launch Services, Certificate Services, and the Apple Software Update Server.

developer Tools
TotalView 7.3
FlowSpace Workflow Developer 3.0
RazorSQL 3.5

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Unix & Open Source
Port Authority 1.1
Carbon Emacs Package
Sept. 2006
CLIX 1.7.2.g

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Macworld Marketing Package
September 15, 2006 • Issue 469
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