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A guided introduction and learning path for developers writing applications that are accessible to users with disabilities.

AppleScript is Apple's powerful and versatile native language scripting technology for Mac OS X. A simple English-like language, AppleScript can control and communicate between applications, databases, networks, Web services, and even the operating system itself. You can make your Macintosh applications scriptable so that users can write scripts to automate operations they would rather not do themselves, from simple tasks to complex workflows involving multiple applications. The award-winning AppleScript Studio enables you to build individual scripts and workflows into rich, functional Aqua-compliant applications, and is useful for rapid prototyping, automated testing, and other kinds of development. Integrated throughout Mac OS X, AppleScript support gives you an easy way to leverage the power of AppleScript-enabled applications, saving you and your users time and money. Read More...

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AppleScript and Cocoa:
from Top to Bottom

Making your application Applescriptable adds functionality for your users. Read this article to learn how to activate AppleScript in your application and expose simple properties to AppleScripts.

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