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A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Audio.

Mac OS X delivers superior audio services, and with system-level services that streamline the development process for audio, it allows you to incorporate high-quality music, audio media and audio functionality into your applications. The audio system consolidates, integrates, and standardizes third-party audio and MIDI services and protocols, thereby shortening the hardware and software development cycle and streamlining device configuration. Mac OS X provides powerful system-level functionality, including native multichannel audio with plug-in support, native MIDI services, and driver support, as well as the services of Core Audio, including Audio Units and Hardware Application Layer (HAL) APIs, and MIDI services. With Mac OS X, you get the most comprehensive set of audio services ever provided for audio software and hardware developers. Read More...

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Going Universal: Audio Developers
Catch the Wave

Audio developers who have built universal binaries of the applications are finding the benefits include performance gains and larger markets. Read this article to learn how they did it.

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Core Audio discussion list

Mac OS X provides Audio and MIDI APIs for applications - from a device IO level to higher-level services for audio processing and sequencing services. These APIs are presented as both C and Java APIs (where the Java API calls through to the underlying Core Audio frameworks).

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Discussion of how to use OpenAL.

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