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WebObjects Development: CodeFab, LLC.

Apple's WebObjects technology is becoming more and more pervasive. Some of the world's largest companies, including AAA, U. S. Coast Guard, Adobe Systems, and of course, Apple Computer, rely on WebObjects for their e-commerce solutions, database management and more.

About CodeFab

CodeFab, Inc. specializes in building high performance, database driven WebObjects applications for clients in the entertainment, e-publishing, e-commerce, financial, and new media industries. CodeFab clients range from dot com startups to well established brick and mortar corporations but they all share the need to bring their business to the web based upon a high performance, high availability infrastructure.

As experts in object-oriented analysis, design, and development, CodeFab's teams are expert in the key technologies of today's internet/intranet landscape. CodeFab provides a wide range of system integration and consulting solutions, focused on developing and deploying enterprise scaled object-oriented solutions for corporations. CodeFab’s strong background in object-oriented solutions, and the architecture and design of multi-tier intranet and internet applications, provides fast reliable, secure results. CodeFab solutions integrate ease of use with creative cutting-edge innovation.

Special Discounts for ADC Members

In association with the Apple Developer Connection, CodeFab is offering WebObjects development and/or porting of applications to WebObjects to ADC Premier and Select members world wide at the following rates:

  • ADC Premier members receive a 10% discount off the total contract value
  • ADC Select members receive a 5% discount off the total contract value

For further information on the many advantages this program offers developers please contact:

Jerry W. Walker
CodeFab, LLC
320 West 37th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
+1-212-465-8484 ext. 102