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Hot Deals Program

Program Overview

Hot Deals is an extremely successful, high-traffic page on the Apple website where customers look for special promotions and deals on the latest Mac hardware and software products. To participate, you offer a special limited-time promotion. We provide the marketing and promotion to drive traffic back to your Hot Deals.

Hot Deals provides increased visibility and sales by showcasing the top Mac OS X hardware and software products in retail distribution as well as from independent developers who rely on direct sales.

Who's Eligible and How Do I Participate?

Developers Selling Direct

  • You must be a ADC Premier or Select member to participate.
  • This program is exclusively for products that are compatible with
    Mac OS X and are not otherwise available in retail distribution.
  • This program is intended to promote Mac OS X compatible hardware and software products being offered at special reduced prices. The price for your product offerings must be exclusive to the Hot Deals program and, therefore, less than their advertised price elsewhere.
  • Your application must be listed in the Macintosh Products Guide to be eligible for posting.

Developers Selling Through Retail

  • Hot Deal promotions through retail are limited to Mac OS X product(s) carried by reseller. No end of life, refurbished or Mac OS 9/Classic products may be submitted.
  • All promotions should include a limited time discount, either sponsored by the developer, the reseller, or both.
  • Promotions can be single products or bundles. Bundle deals with Apple products cannot discount the Apple product. No stand-alone Apple products may be submitted by resellers to Hot Deals.
  • Mail-in rebates must have the product offer and PDF coupon clearly merchandised on the product page of the participating reseller’s site.
  • CompUSA Hot Deals are for in-store promotion only. These can be either instant rebates or mail-in rebates. Mail-in rebates will have the PDF coupon placed directly on CompUSA’s Hot Deals page. Call your buyer for details.
  • Online resellers must agree to merchandise the deal on their site.
  • This program is not a workaround for the normal evaluation process for pickup by the participating reseller. See reseller for new product evaluation for potential pickup.

How to Participate