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Product Discounts: MacTreasures

Discounts on legacy hardware, software and accessories.

About MacTreasures

Getting your hands on hard-to-find hardware, software, and accessories is often no easy task. That's even truer when you consider that what you're looking for isn't carried on storeshelves. MacTreasures specializes in hard-to-find software and hardware products.

MacTreasures is offering discounts to ADC Select and Premier members worldwide on all products listed on the MacTreasures website.

Special Discounts for ADC Members

MacTreasures, in conjuction with the Apple Developer Connection, is offering the following discounts to ADC Premier and Select members:

  • 5% discount on total purchase to all ADC Select members
  • 10% discount on total purchase to all ADC Premier members

For further information on the many advantages this program offers developers please contact:

Carole Holcomb
Address City, State ZIP