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Press Release Distribution

Submit your press releases to popular Mac-focused websites.

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Applelinks Press Release Service


Applelinks Advertising Network

Joe Ryan

A leading provider of Macintosh news, opinions and software updates to hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Developers can now email their press releases to Applelinks for posting on the Applelinks website.

MacCentral Press Release Service



Jim Dalrymple

The highly-popular MacCentral website, in association with the Apple Developer Connection, has launched a new press release service for the Macintosh developer community. Developers can now email their press releases that announce new products to MacCentral for posting on the MacCentral website. This new service is free of charge to Macintosh developers. To take advantage of this MacCentral service, send your new product press releases to the email address listed in the contact block.

MacTech Press Release Service



The MacTech website hosts the MacTech List, a mailing list exclusively for technical market related press releases. ADC members can send press releases for Macintosh technology and development news for propagation throughout the developer community. Topics including Macintosh programming, WebTech, hardware, multimedia, and systems are all appropriate. This service is free to all ADC members. For more information, visit the MacTech website.