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Getting Started

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Carbon.

Carbon is a set of APIs for developing full-featured, high-performance, and reliable applications for Mac OS X. Carbon enables C, Objective-C and C++ developers to take advantage of Mac OS X-specific features, including an advanced user interface toolkit, an efficient event-handling mechanism, the Quartz 2D graphics library, and multiprocessing support. In addition, other industry-standard C and C++ APIs are easily available to Carbon developers, providing access to such services as the OpenGL drawing system, the Mach microkernel, and BSD operating-system services, and even the Cocoa framework. And you can use virtually any Macintosh development environment that supports Intel and PowerPC to build Carbon applications. Read More...

Carbon Articles

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Empowering Your Carbon Application with the VoiceOver Accessibility Interface
With VoiceOver, your users can control their Macs with the keyboard and voice prompts. This article shows how to implement VoiceOver to make your application accessible to users with disabilities.

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