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Data Type Registration

The Mac OS identifies your application through its signature, a unique four-character sequence. Registering your creator code with Apple helps ensure that your creator code is unique and will not conflict with the signature of any other application.

Register Creator Codes

To register a unique creator code with Apple, fill out the online registration form. In addition to an online confirmation, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Changing Registered Codes

If you need to make a change to a creator code that you have previously registered, submit your request to us using the Developer Programs Contact Us form. Please include the name of the registered product and its creator code along with the requested change. You will receive response within three business days.

Mac Logo Program

Be sure to include the Mac logo on your product packaging to enable customers to quickly identify your products as being Mac compatible. Details are found on the Mac Logo Program page. Information about other logos can be found on the Software Licensing site.

Market Your Product For Free!

Once you have announced or shipped your product don’t forget to submit it for inclusion in the Macintosh Products Guide.