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Mac OS X combines an open source, UNIX-based core with such features as the Aqua user interface, the Quartz graphics system, and rich application-development frameworks. The documents here provide an overview of the concepts and technical capabilities of Mac OS X most relevant to developers, and are focused on Mac OS X as a whole.

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X.   Essential information about Apple's Mac OS X operating system.  
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Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the Mac OS X user experience and explains how to design an application for Aqua.
General 2006-10-03
Cocoa Fundamentals Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the basic concepts, terminology, architectures, and design patterns of the Cocoa frameworks and development environment.
General 2006-10-03
I/O Kit Fundamentals (HTML) (PDF)
The basics of developing device drivers. Includes descriptions of I/O Kit families.
General 2006-10-03
Porting UNIX/Linux Applications to Mac OS X (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual information and tips about porting UNIX and Linux applications to Mac OS X.
General 2006-10-03
System Startup Programming Topics (HTML) (PDF)
Explains the boot process used to initialize the Mac OS X operating system.
General 2006-10-03
Runtime Configuration Guidelines (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual and reference information for dynamically configuring your software.
General 2006-09-05
Universal Binary Programming Guidelines, Second Edition (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual information and tips for writing code that runs on PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macintosh computers.
General 2006-07-24
File System Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Conceptual information and guidelines describing the structure and usage of the Mac OS X file system.
General 2006-06-28
Mac OS X Technology Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces Mac OS X and its technologies.
General 2006-06-28
Spotlight Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the main components and services of Apple's metadata technology.
General 2006-04-04
AppleScript Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the technology for writing scripts to control applications. Useful for scripters and application developers.
General 2006-03-08
Dashboard Tutorial (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to develop a Dashboard widget.
General 2006-01-10
64-Bit Transition Guide (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the 64-bit features available in Mac OS X v10.4.
General 2005-11-09
Carbon Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Defines Carbon and the components of Carbon applications. Provides a whirlwind tour of Carbon APIs.
General 2005-11-09
Design Concepts (HTML) (PDF)
Explains the fundamental design concepts that underlie all Core Foundation programming interfaces.
General 2005-08-11
QuickTime Overview (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces the main concepts and services of QuickTime.
General 2005-08-11
Multiple User Environments (HTML) (PDF)
Explains the system's user environment and gives guidance on writing programs for that environment.
General 2005-07-07
Security Overview (HTML) (PDF)
An introduction to computer security concepts and the Mac OS X security APIs.
General 2005-04-29