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The Macintosh is a great games platform with a wide range of options and powerful technologies for developers. With OpenGL, Quartz, Velocity Engine and the Mac OS X development tools and frameworks, you have everything you need to build or port exciting and compelling games. On this site, you will find everything you need for Macintosh game development, including a list of links to key technologies, sample code, SDKs, and documentation that are focused on Macintosh game development. The content of this site will continue to grow over time as we provide you with the latest resources and information.
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News and Updates
WWDC 2004 Conference Session Descriptions Now Available
The Application Technologies track will provide expert guidance on the best design, development, optimization, and UI practices for creating outstanding software applications. [Mar 29 2004]
Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards
Apple is accepting submissions for the Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards, which recognize excellence in Application Software, QuickTime Content, and new for 2004 -- Performance Demos. [Mar 29 2004]
ADC Reference Library
The new ADC Reference Library is a key developer support tool. It integrates the core ADC technical resources — Documentation, Technical Notes, Sample Code, Release Notes, and Technical Q&As — and adds a highly functional interface that supports filtering, sorting, and browsing. Learn more about how to use it. [Mar 17 2004]
Getting Started with Games
This new document provides a guided introduction and learning path to developing games for Mac OS X. [Mar 17 2004]
Technical Resources

Mac Games Developer Mailing List
An essential source of information for Mac OS X game developers is the Mac-Games-Dev mailing list.

Games Sample Code
Games code samples show how to use Apple technologies to create top-notch games for the Macintosh.

Great sound is essential for great games, and Core Audio is the audio API of choice on Mac OS X, providing high quality, multi-channel sound input and output, along with extensive MIDI capabilities. Be sure to check out the 3D Mixer Code Sample in the Core Audio SDK.

2D Graphics: Quartz
The primary 2D graphics API on Mac OS X is Quartz 2D. Based on the PDF imaging model, Quartz provides a device and resolution independent drawing model that delivers crisp graphics, anti-aliased fonts, and seamlessly blended 2D, 3D and QuickTime content together with transparency and drop shadows.

Display management on Mac OS X is provided by the CGDirectDisplay API which provides facilities for enumerating, querying, and manipulating attached displays. CGDirectDisplay also provides gamma manipulation and fading controls. CGDirectDisplay is provided as part of the Quartz API.

3D Graphics: OpenGL
Mac OS X provides leading 3D graphics support via industry-standard OpenGL, enabling high-end 3D graphics for the best games of today and tomorrow. In addition, the OpenGL API can be used to provide extremely high-performance 2D graphics.

The Mac OpenGL Developer Mailing List includes discussions on the use and programming of the OpenGL technologies on Mac OS X.

The OpenGL Web Site is a great resource for games developers who use OpenGL, with tutorials and valuable coding hints.

A site with OpenGL tutorials is Neon Helium Productions, which includes sample projects built for Mac OS X.

HID Manager Documentation
The HID Manager provides input and force-feedback capabilities for Mac OS X games. With the HID Manager, games can easily identify, configure, and use HID-compliant USB devices.

No-hassle networking is a big advantage for games, so if your game uses networking, you need to know about Rendezvous (Zero Configuration Networking), an industry-standard mechanism for auto-discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Note: NetSprocket technology is now open source and, coupled with OpenPlay, has been ported to Mac OS X and other platforms.

QuickTime is an excellent cross-platform solution, not only for video playback, but also for audio and 2D image loading. QuickTime supports a large number of video, audio, and still image formats.

Game developers on Mac OS X have 3 main choices for their main programming API: Carbon, Cocoa, and Java. See the pages for each framework to learn its advantages and how to get up and running quickly in your games product development.
Velocity Engine
The Velocity Engine expands the G4 processor's capabilities to concurrently address high-bandwidth data processing and algorithmic intensive computations, accelerating graphics, audio and other functions.

Apple's Peformance and Debugging Tools
An essential set of resources is the Mac OS X Developer Tools, which include several applications to assist with performance analysis and debugging.

Inside Mac OS X: Performance
This book explains how to enhance your program to achieve maximum performance under the Mac OS X system architecture, and how to use the Mac OS X development tools to analyze your code.

Third-party, Discussions, News and Other Resources
Game Development on Mac OS 9
For those developers still supporting Mac OS 8 and 9, check the Mac OS 9 Sprockets Page.
Business Resources
Mac OS X Badge
Tell the world your game runs on Mac OS X. The artwork, licensing requirements, and guidelines for use of the "Built for Mac OS X" badge are available on the ADC Software Licensing website. Please note that this badge cannot be used for games that launch the Classic environment.
Mac Logo Program
Ensuring your Mac-compatible game receives maximum customer recognition in the retail space is easy. By aggressively utilizing Apple's Mac Logo Program, you can make sure your games are readily identifiable.
Market Your Products
When you are ready to show the world your Mac OS X games, take advantage of discounted marketing services and programs--from public relations to low-cost advertising in magazines like MacHome and Macworld.
Mac OS X User Interface Design Services
With the growth of Mac OS X, Mac developers everywhere have an increasing need for user interface/interaction design services. Attractive discounts are available to all ADC Premier and Select members.
Web Advertising
There are discounted web advertising packages available from Applelinks and Inside Mac Games.
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