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Hardware &  Drivers

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A guided introduction and learning path to developing hardware and device-level software for Apple's computers and servers.

Apple delivers industry-leading hardware based on support for popular hardware and software standards and state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. Apple's own hardware is integrated with the operating system, resulting in seamless operation for many hardware devices. Thanks to Apple's support of many common industry standards, developers can create hardware products that integrate well with the Apple user experience. On Mac OS X, the I/O Kit is the device driver subsystem of Darwin, the open-source core operating system. Darwin's modular design lets you dynamically load device drivers that are created using I/O Kit's object-oriented programming framework. Read more...

Hardware & Drivers Articles

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Building Customized User Client Drivers for USB Devices
You can control a hardware device using generic Mac OS X drivers and custom code. This article shows how to write the setup code for card readers, bill validators and other devices.

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Mailing Lists

ATA and SCSI Developer Mailing List

Technical discussion for developers of devices based on ATA and SCSI.

Bluetooth Development

Mailing list for Bluetooth developer discussion.

Core Audio API Mailing List

A mailing list for developers using Core Audio and MIDI APIs (C or Java) on Mac OS X.

Darwin Development Mailing List

Technical discussion list for general Darwin software development. This does not include Carbon, Cocoa, or Darwin Streaming Server.

Darwin Drivers Mailing List

Technical discussion for Darwin hardware drivers.


This list is to handle Mac OS FireWire development questions.


This list is to discuss how to handle Mac OS USB development.

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