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A guided introduction and learning path to developing for web and Internet.

Mac OS X is the best Mac OS ever for web development, with its stable open-source core based on FreeBSD 5.0 and a wealth of standard open-source web technologies. Mac OS X gives you the ability to develop dynamic browser-based applications that you can deploy locally, either on Mac OS X Server or on your heterogeneous enterprise servers. Whether you prefer WebObjects, PHP, Perl, Python, JSP, or pure Java implementations, you can collaboratively develop your site leveraging corporate resources such as databases, LDAP repositories, and source code management repositories. And you'll enjoy the reliability of UNIX, plus the rich user interface and ease of use that are the hallmarks of Macintosh. Read more...

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Delivering Content with RSS for Web Developers on Mac OS X
The Mac OS X platform utilizes the RSS format in many ways. Read this article to learn how to provide content through RSS in your application or on your website, and the tools that can help you manage RSS delivery.

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