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Who is Centercode?
Centercode delivers flexible beta testing management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. By providing powerful tools, services, and support, Centercode enables developers to reduce their development time, lower their costs and improve their products through market interaction and user communities.

What is Beta Testing?
Beta testing is the process of involving individuals from your target market during the critical development and testing phase of your product.

Beta testing helps you to:

    • Prove product concepts
    • Improve product quality
    • Ready your support organization
    • Improve customer satistaction
    • Get to market faster

Meet Your Market
Centercode delivers effective solutions designed to maximize your results from product beta testing. From powerful beta management software, to a complete outsourced beta program, Centercode offers flexible solutions to meet your unique beta testing needs:

    • Enterprise-level beta test management software
    • Services to setup, manage and complete an effective beta test
    • A worldwide community of highly profiled beta testers
    • Complete outsourced beta testing solutions

Connect Software
Centercode Connect is the world’s leading software for beta test management. Connect empowers companies to obtain valuable feedback from their target market and, most importantly, effectively manage the information within their organization.

Connect delivers:

    • Flexible Feedback Tracking
    • Simple Project Setup and Management
    • Customizable Project Workflow Capabilities
    • Content Management
    • Real-Time Surveys

Beta Testing Services
Centercode's expansive array of expert services can help fill any need in your beta testing process. From project setup and tester selection, to compliance management and problem verification, Centercode will ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your beta test.

Centercode's solution packages target the most common beta testing needs:

    • Beta Test Management Software
    • Targeted Tester Recruitment
    • Tester Compliance Management
    • Fully Managed Beta Test

In addition, these solutions may be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Tester Community
Generating feedback is important but it’s most valuable when it’s from your target market. With an extensive database of profiled testers spread throughout the world, Centercode will help you identify the specific demographics of your target audience and work with you to select the right testers. Of course, if a community doesn't fit your needs, Centercode will recruit users that do.

Apple Developer Discount
In association with the Apple Developer Connection, Centercode offers ADC members the following special discounts on its beta testing software and services:

    • ADC Select Members will receive a 5% discount on all offerings from Centercode
    • ADC Premier Members will receive a 10% discount on all offerings from Centercode

This offer cannot replace or be combined with any existing contracts with Centercode, Inc.