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A guided introduction and learning path to improving performance in Mac OS X software.

Performance is absolutely critical to your application's success on Mac OS X. Even on the high-performance Power Mac G5, if your software doesn't launch quickly or isn't responsive, users will perceive your product as slow. To make your application run its best on Mac OS X and to take advantage of the powerful technologies of Mac OS X and the Power Mac G5, you can optimize your code with Apple's free diagnostic performance tools and guidelines. You can measure, evaluate, and optimize the performance of Mac OS X applications using Apple's optimization tools, especially Shark, as well as the other Xcode tools, technologies, and programming interfaces. Read More...

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Optimizing Your Application with
System Trace in Shark 4

With Shark's System Trace, you get a detailed view of how your code interacts with Mac OS X. This advanced article digs deep into the power of Shark and how it can help you optimize your code. 

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