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Getting Started

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X printing.

Mac OS X's streamlined printing system provides a flexible and powerful printing environment that is easy to use, easy to enhance, and easy to support. Quartz 2D, Mac OS X's powerful graphics and display engine, provides rendering and conversion services for delivering high quality printed output from your applications.

Developers can easily add printing support to Cocoa, Carbon, and BSD UNIX applications. Printer vendors can add support for Mac OS X by supplying modules to extend Apple's interface rather than writing code that overrides it. Read more...

Printing Articles

Featured Content

Taking Advantage of PDF Kit in Your Cocoa Application
PDF Kit lets you handle PDF documents in your Cocoa application without writing a lot of custom code. Read this article to get started with this important Mac OS X Tiger technology.

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Printing Reference Library


Essential information for developers using Apple's powerful printing environment.

Mailing Lists

Printing Mailing List

The Printing mailing list is for discussion of application programming interfaces for Carbon and Cocoa applications, command line printing tools for Unix, the user interfaces for printing (Printer Setup Utility, the print dialogs, and their plugins), the spooling system (CUPS), printer drivers, PPD files, and so on.

CUPS Mailing List

General CUPS Announcements, Development and Driver Development Mailing list.

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