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Getting Started

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to QuickTime.

QuickTime is Apple's multiplatform, industry-standard, multimedia software architecture that provides tremendous development advantages on Mac OS X. Developers can now take advantage of QTKit—the modernized object-oriented programming interface—to easily create QuickTime-savvy Cocoa-based Mac OS X applications. QuickTime enables you to manipulate, enhance, and store video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality. And since QuickTime also provides file format converters for more than 250 common image, video, and audio file formats, you can support and convert new file formats within your application quickly and easily. Read more...

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Using the QTKit Framework
With QTKit,  Cocoa developers have easy access to the power of QuickTime. Read this article to learn about the QTKit framework and how to use it in your application. 

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QuickTime-API Mailing List

This list is the place for discussions of developing using the QuickTime API, including tools, software, techniques, and hints.

QuickTime-Java Mailing List

This list is for the discussion of QuickTime for Java.

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