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Software Licensing & Trademark Agreements

Apple provides developers the opportunity to license and use Apple software, technologies and Apple trademarks to build successful products. Regardless of whether your product will be sold, used internally, or bundled with other products, if you wish to use Apple software, technologies and/or trademarks, you need to obtain a license from Apple to do so. Apple's Software Licensing Department works with developers, user groups, and others to ensure they are properly licensed for many of Apple technologies and trademarks.

Please contact for more information.

Software Licensing Agreements

Trademark Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Complete the Agreements

Print out and complete each agreement and required addendum, and send them by mail (post) to the address below. Be sure to include an authorized, original signature (no photocopies.) For agreements that require Apple’s signature, two (2) originally signed copies should be sent. Please note that if you do not send two copies you will not receive your signed copy in return. Send the completed agreements to:

Apple Computer, Inc.
Software Licensing Dept
12545 Riata Vista Circle
Austin, TX 78727

Please email Software Licensing if you have any problems downloading the files.

International distributors must complete the International Letter of Assurance and Product End User Questionnaire (HQX) and include this with their agreement.