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ADC Student Members get more.

  • Practical resources delivered monthly to your doorstep

    Each month, the ADC Student Monthly Mailing brings you information, software, SDKs and DDKs, documentation, tools, and reference materials on CD and DVD-ROM media for maximum convenience and flexibility.

  • Xcode 2
    Xcode Tools are included in each Student membership. Xcode Tools contain the Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, gcc compilers, the gdb debugger, and AppleScript Studio, as well as command line development tools and utilities, documentation, and a comprehensive set of performance optimization tools. Xcode Tools also include WebObjects, Apple's comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks for quickly developing standards-based web services and Java server applications.

  • Opportunity for a scholarship to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

    Each year, the ADC offers our Student Members the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend WWDC, Apple's most important annual event for the Mac technical community.

NOTE: The ADC Student Membership does NOT include code-level technical support, access to pre-release software, or use of the ADC Compatibility Labs and students may not be transferred these benefits by others. If your development requires such benefits, then the ADC Select Membership may better suit your needs.

How To Enroll

  1. Sign up online with the Apple Developer Connection.
  2. Identify yourself as a student in the Student Status* area of your Personal Profile and enter your student identification number and your school name. To be eligible for the ADC Student Membership, you must be currently enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at a college or university, have a student identification number, and be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Purchase the ADC Student Membership Developer for US$99. Your benefits begin as soon as your purchase has cleared and your student status has been verified. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery of your first ADC Student Orientation Kit.

Think Darwin

Apple is the first major computer company to make open source development a key part of its ongoing software strategy. The core of Mac OS X, Darwin, is itself an open source project. This approach to operating system development allows developers and students to view the Darwin source code, learn from it, and submit suggestions and modifications. Developers and students can also participate in the Darwin open source project.

Student Developers Under Age 18

Students under 18 years of age interested in learning to develop for the Mac are invited to take advantage of a variety of getting started resources available to developers of any age and experience level. The Getting Started with Apple Technologies page provides a list of reference materials and resource links for new Mac programmers. All students may sign up for Apple's Student Developer mail list and participate in other community-focused web sites, including O'Reilly's Mac DevCenter, Stepwise, MacTech Online, and Open Source Developer Resources.

Every copy of Mac OS X also ships with Xcode Tools, the high-powered development tools suite from Apple. You can purchase Mac OS X today at your local retail, campus, or online store.

* Please note that the Apple Developer Connection must verify student status before we can fully activate an ADC Student membership. Apple reserves the right, at its discretion, to deny access to the ADC Student Membership.