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WWDC 2004. Developers Unite.
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Apple's new integrated development environment—Xcode—is designed to keep you waiting less and coding more. Apple's ground-breaking new approach to developer productivity streamlines your most common and time-consuming tasks by fusing familiar user interface concepts with a unique mix of performance technologies.

The Xcode Tools include the Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, gcc compilers—with an enhanced version of gcc 3.3—the gdb debugger, and AppleScript Studio. Also included in the package are command line development tools and utilities, as well as a comprehensive set of performance analysis and optimization tools.

News and Updates
WWDC 2004 Conference Session Descriptions Now Available
Attendees of the Development Tools track will explore the Xcode tools in depth and will receive guidance on transitioning to Xcode as well as advanced techniques for using the tools to take development to the next level. [Mar 29 2004]
Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards
Apple is accepting submissions for the Ninth Annual Apple Design Awards, which recognize excellence in Application Software, QuickTime Content, and new for 2004 -- Performance Demos. [Mar 29 2004]
ADC Reference Library
The new ADC Reference Library is a key developer support tool. It integrates the core ADC technical resources — Documentation, Technical Notes, Sample Code, Release Notes, and Technical Q&As — and adds a highly functional interface that supports filtering, sorting, and browsing. Learn more about how to use it. [Mar 17 2004]
Getting Started with Tools
This new document provides a guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X developer tools. [Mar 17 2004]
OpenGL Tools for Serious Graphics Development
Apple's best-of-breed OpenGL tools help developers locate, analyze and debug graphics bottlenecks, making the Macintosh a uniquely powerful platform for OpenGL development. [Feb 02 2004]
Technical Resources
Xcode Tools Available
Apple's Xcode Tools are included with every copy of Mac OS X v10.3 Panther and available for download through the ADC Member Site.

NOTE - Xcode Update 1.1: The Xcode 1.1 update is available for download and via Software Update, providing overall stability and performance enhancements to Xcode IDE, as well as improvements to debugging, workflow, the Xcode build system and CodeSense. Please see the Read Me document and Release Notes available on the Download Software section of the ADC Member Site for full information. It is strongly recommended for all Xcode developers.

NOTE - Xcode Tools 1.1: The Xcode Tools 1.1 release is a complete installation of the Xcode development tools. It includes an enhanced version of the Xcode IDE as well as updates to several additional development tools, documentation and SDKs. It can be used to upgrade any existing installation of Xcode 1.x. Xcode Tools 1.1 is a full CD disk image available from the ADC Download site. Please see the Read Me document and Release Notes available on the Download Software section of the ADC Member Site for full information.

NOTE - Xcode 1.1 Assembly Rule: The Xcode 1.1 build system does not include a rule to allow processing of ".s" assembly language files by default. The "Xcode 1.1 Assembler Rule" package has been provided to provide this capability. Installation and use instructions is provided with the download. This package is available on the Download Software section of the ADC Member Site.

Optimizing with Shark: Big Payoff, Small Effort
Spend a few hours with the Shark performance tool to realize significant performance improvements in your application. This article guides you through the sampling of a real application with Shark and shows where and how to optimize it quickly.
Switching from CodeWarrior to Xcode
Read this article to learn about using Xcode to import your projects from CodeWarrior, enabling you to utilize everything that Mac OS X has to offer.
Tools Documentation
Detailed online documentation for all of Apple's Developer Tools technologies. Much of the material is available in both HTML and PDF.
Using Xcode Tools for Rapid Development
Luxology, LLC uses the new features in Apple's Xcode Tools such as Zero Link, Fix and Continue, and Smart Groups to speed development and optimize their 3D content creation tools for the Power Mac G5.
Tools from Other Companies
The Macintosh Products Guide has a nearly exhaustive, searchable listing of developer tools for the Macintosh platform. Don't see your company's tool listed? You can submit your product online for free.
Compilers | Editors | Debuggers | Frameworks | Solution Tools

Compilers and Development Environments
This section provides links to web pages where you can find compilers and integrated development environments that can be used to create applications that run in Mac OS:
Apple Tools:

Project Builder
Project Builder is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X. It is designed to fully support all of the major platform initiatives of Mac OS X, such as the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks, Java, and the new application packaging mechanisms. Project Builder provides project editing, search, and navigation, file editing, project building, and debugging facilities for all types of Mac OS X software projects, including applications, tools, frameworks, libraries, plug-in bundles, and kernel extensions and device drivers. It supports the use of C, C++, Objective-C, and Java.

Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW)
MPW is a product designed specifically for professional Macintosh software developers. It brings together a comprehensive collection of Macintosh core development tools designed to support C, C++, and assembly-language programmers who are writing software for Mac OS 7.x/8.x/9.x. MPW is an open, configurable, and scriptable development environment which provides the flexibility to support complex software development projects for 68K and Power Macintosh systems.

Third Party Tools:

Absoft Fortran Toolsets
Pro Fortran and F77 SDK by Absoft Corporation
Complete F95, F90 and F77 development environments for OS9, includes AltiVec optimized libraries. IMSL Math & Stat libraries optional. Companion Fortran toolsets for PPC/Linux, Win32 and Intel/Linux also available.

CodeWarrior for Mac OS is a powerful award-winning integrated development environment that includes a fully object-oriented application development framework called PowerPlant. With CodeWarrior for Mac OS you can quickly develop reliable, professional quality applications that execute on Classic Mac OS or OS X. You can also cross develop from your Macintosh host and target applications that execute on a Microsoft Win32 system. CodeWarrior's state-of-the-art project manager and build system, code browser, and code navigation system allow you to write solid code and speed your compile-build-debug cycles from one environment that supports C, C++ and Java development.

Java Development Tools
Java developers have a number of tools to choose from for developing Java applications using a Macintosh.

Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL)
MCL is a PowerPC-native object-oriented dynamic programming language, fully integrated with the Macintosh, which implements the current industry standard Common Lisp programming language and CLOS (as defined in Common Lisp: The Language, Second Edition, and by the ANSI standard). MCL provides users with a rich set of object-oriented dynamic language features, making it especially well-suited for rapid prototyping, custom development for business, education, scientific and engineering applications and academic research. A redistribution kit which creates stand-alone MCL-based Macintosh applications (for royalty-free distribution) and a CLIM 2.0 GUI implementation are also available for purchase.

Object Tools Eiffel
Object Tools Eiffel for CodeWarrior on Macintosh implements the entire Eiffel language along with libraries for common structures used in any program. For the Macintosh programmer, a comprehensive Eiffel library called Honey is provided to quickly and easily build fully fledged Macintosh applications using the Mac Toolbox. Eiffel provides a rich and yet simple to use object-oriented language with the design by contract paradigm for correct software. Coupled with Honey this provides a very powerful way to produce full Macintosh applications.

REALbasic is the visual, object-oriented BASIC development environment for the Macintosh. Our award-winning application is the most advanced BASIC development tool available for the Macintosh. Simply drag and drop user interface elements into your application's windows and dialog boxes to create anything from a small utility to a large application or the next great game-faster and easier than ever before.

Editing Tools
This section provides links to web pages where you can find useful editing tools.
Apple Tools:

Interface Builder (included on the Mac OS X Developer Tools CD)
Apple's graphical editor for designing user interface components for both Carbon and Cocoa applications. Interface Builder makes creating an application's user interface easier by allowing developers to use its graphical editing environment to manage virtually every aspect of creating a well designed user interface that adheres to the Aqua user interface guidelines.

ResEdit 2.1.3 (3.3 MB)
Apple's legacy resource file editor for use with Mac OS 7, 8 and 9.

Third Party Tools:

A text editor with built-in scripting features.

BBEdit is the premier text editor for Mac OS. With CodeWarrior external editor support, flexible multi-file searching (including regular expressions), Find Differences, comprehensive OSA scripting capabilities, MacPerl integration, and much more, BBEdit will handle all your editing tasks easily and efficiently.

General Edit
A data file editor from Quadrivio.

A resource file editor from Mathemaesthetics, Inc.

Debugging Tools
This section provides links leading to web pages where you can find tools for testing your software.
Apple Tools:

MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments, from applications to drivers, and everything in between.

Third Party Tools:

MacNosy and The Debugger
Debuggers from Jasik Designs.

A replacement for malloc/new with debugging from MicroQuill.

The Memory Mine
A heap stress tool from Adianta, Inc

Spotlight and QC
Memory debugger and stress tester from Onyx Technology.

Application Frameworks
This section provides links leading to web pages where you can find information about libraries you can use to accelerate your application building tasks.
Apple Frameworks:

Cocoa is the premier object-oriented application development framework for Mac OS X. It offers a collection of advanced object-oriented frameworks for developing native Mac OS X applications in Java and Objective-C. Cocoa provides built-in support for such common functionality as text drag-and-drop, progress indicators, table data display, and many other features, allowing you to spend more time on your application and less time performing trivial tasks such as animating button highlighting.

C++ Frameworks/MacApp
Apple's C++ Frameworks offering is comprised of MacApp, Apple Class Suites (ACS), and the Network Framework. These frameworks support building professional user-friendly, robust, object-oriented applications for 68K, PPC, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X that take full advantage of all of the great Macintosh OS and Toolbox technologies.

Third Party Frameworks:

PowerPlant is Metrowerks' world-class, object-oriented Macintosh application framework. Using PowerPlant you can quickly build the user interface your program needs to be successful with your customers or clients on Mac OS. PowerPlant gives you a complete, powerful, ready-to-run application that takes advantage of the latest features on Mac OS including Carbon and Mac OS X. PowerPlant includes an interactive, graphical, resource editor called PowerPlant Constructor that lets you build PowerPlant applications quickly and easily.

Solution Tools
Solution tools used for media authoring, programmable databases, et al.
Apple Tools:

Apple's high level scripting facility.

Apple's web solution software.

Third Party Tools:

4th Dimension
by ACI US, Inc.

by FaceSpan.

by FileMaker, Inc.

Installer VISE
MindVision's Macintosh installer solution, now featuring Carbon support.

by National Instruments.

SuperCard's power and ease of use make rapid application development and multimedia delivery a snap for both new Macintosh users and experienced Mac developers alike. It's native color, multi-window environment is more robust than HyperCard, yet almost 90% compatible making the conversion of stacks a relatively simple operation. And with SuperCard's companion product, Flamethrower, projects can be expanded into full web based applications (CGI) all from within SuperCard's easy to learn, English like scripting language.

UserLand Frontier
UserLand Frontier is an IDE for developing and deploying powerful, interactive Internet applications. Frontier includes an object-oriented web site framework, integrated object database, high-powered web server, multi-threaded scripting runtime, integrated outliner, and more. Frontier also includes Manila, an ISP-ready Internet server application that allows groups of writers, designers and graphics people to manage full-featured, high performance web sites through an easy-to-use browser interface.
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