Floor Mounted Power Supply

Although the cooling on my G5 Hackintosh was OK, for a while I have wanted to clear up the wiring internally behind the stainless steel shroud and improve the airflow around the internal power supply. I wanted to remove the power supply inards from their metal box and lay on the floor of the case much like the original G5. After much thought, there seemed two courses of action:



2. Replace the Coolermaster V10 cooler for a different solution to make more room for a floor mounted power supply.

I decided to go down the route of sticking with aircooling and looked around for an aircooler and set of fans that maybe usable and fit the G5 body.

The internal dimensions of the G5 case are pretty tight. However, I was going to be using some pretty meaty graphics, so a 1250 watt power supply mas going to be needed. I settled on an Enermax 1250 Watt Revolution 85+.


The idea was to lay this flat on the bottom of the G5 case and remove the innards from the power supplies own case.

This proved to be quite an episode as I wanted to fix the plug outlet panel to the bottom of the case mounted with the plug sockets facing upwards. This necessitated that all the wires that connected to this panel were extended - and there were quite a few of them. I needed to aquire a heavy duty soldering iron as my usual one was not man enough to melt the big chunks of solder on the power supply circuit board. I found a 50 Watt iron locally and this did the job (just).

About 3 hours later I had the rear plug outlet panel fixed to a set of wires that allowed it to be mounted away from the rest of the power supply so that it would lay horizontally on the bottom of the case. I reused the standoffs from the plug board but screwed them to the bottom of the circuit board instaed of the top as they had been in the original casing.

Front Fans

I wanted to reuse the Stainless steel front fan support from the original mod so I would need to be looking for 2 off 140 mm fans. The choice for 140 mm fans is a bit limited compared to 120's but I found these Sanyo-Denkis at


These little beauties have an aluminium body and are sized at 140 x 140 x 51 mm! They make the Mac pro 120 mm fans look like kids toys but at 59 db I would have to do some experimentation so that powering the computer was not akin to standing in a wind tunnel!!!! Although they are specified to work at 10-14 volts, they were happy to potter along at 5v. When I say potter, I mean cause anything that was not heavy or tied down to fly into the air as if a poltergiest had entered the room. At 3.3 volts, the fans were not interested in moving, so I would need to find a wire wound resistor that was man enough to set these things at a sensible lick such as the type shown below. You do not want to connect these fans to a motherboard header. I tried connecting one to a Zalman fanmate - it smoked and gave up the ghost after 3 seconds!!


For the CPU heatsink, I would have to do something a little different, otherwise it would interfere with the power supply below. The cooling of the power supply also needed to be addressed. I took a look at the Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler - yes it's the one that is built to take 140 mm fans!!


Mounted horizontally on the CPU with an Apple Mac Pro 120 mm fan blowing down on it and another 120 fan on the underside blowing on the power supply all fitted with about 2 mm to spare. What would all this do to CPU temps I wondered. Well I should not have worried, as even after running Geekbench, temps return to around 40 degrees INSTANTLY. That is in the summer in the middle of a heat wave here in England!!

Graphics Cards

To fit in with the high power abilities of the P6T7 motherboard and the fact that EVGA leaked drivers for the GTX 480, this was going to be a Tri card setup with 3 x GTX 480! The best price I could find was at for their value card which turned out to be a Palit version that was to the NVIDIA reference design - just what I wanted. They had resisted the urge to cover the card with a load of juvenile crap - yay, much more Apple like.


3 of these and an empty bank account later and I was looking at having sorted out the graphics for windows 7 & Mac OS X 10.6.4!

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